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  • VCI Capsule
VCI Capsule
  • CVCI
  • China
  • 14 days after payment
  • 1500 tons per month
1. VCI capsule adopts the polymer material bonding technology. 2. After melting the micron corrosion inhibitor components at high temperature, it is spun into the micro bead structure at high speed. 3. It has the characteristics of anti rust, moisture-proof and moisture absorption. The product has little odor, non irritating and no powder leakage.

VCI capsule Technology:

Using polymer material bonding technology, micron corrosion inhibitor components are melted at high temperature and spun into micro bead structure at high speed. The aggregation state of volatile corrosion inhibitor is changed. Different corrosion inhibitor components are gasified, diffused and adsorbed on the surface of metal workpiece at different times to form a protective layer, which can effectively prevent metal workpiece from flashing rust. At the same time, the corrosion inhibitor continues to volatilize, which can meet the requirements of long-term rust prevention。

VCI capsule Qualification:

VCI capsule meets the restriction requirements of EU ROHS directive and REACH regulations, so as to realize the corrosion control under different packaging environments.

VCI capsule Product Description

VCI capsule is a mixture of corrosion inhibitor and polyolefin

resin, made by melting extrusion and rotary cutting to be the

white or milky white particles. It is mainly used for protecting the metal product from corrosion.


Can be used for steel, cast iron, cadmium and cadmium

alloy, stainless steel, zinc and zinc alloy, chromium and chromium

alloy, nickel and nickel alloy, tin and tin alloy, aluminum alloy and other metals.


VCI capsule Advantages

1 Low odor.

2 Keep the work piece surface clean.

3 Excellent gas phase ability.

3 Forming a protective layer on the metal surface can effectively prevent the metal surface from corrosion.

Especially suitable for metal surface corrosion protecting of deep holes, long and thin tubes, twists and turns, cracks and other places difficult to touch reach.

4. Moisture absorbing ability.


Use Method

Placed in the protected space to keep the space sealed and

the effective action distance is 30 cm.

The protection can be effective in 12 months. In normal

condition, dosage is 100-150g/m3. If severe environment,

dosage should be increased appropriately.

No need to remove the protective layer from the metal surface,

if needed, use the air gun or water.


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