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Production Capacities

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The technical center has a testing center, which is specially responsible for testing and testing, and the testing data has been internationally recognized. The testing center has a synthetic laboratory, a precision instrument room, a physical testing room, an international standard testing room, an accelerated corrosion test room, a constant temperature test room, a large rain test room, a pilot test room and other professional offices, and is equipped with an American ultraviolet spectrophotometer, an American atmospheric corrosion tester, a German thermostat, a German high and low temperature test chamber, a barrier test instrument, a paper and film physical performance test instrument Accelerated corrosion test equipment and other advanced instruments and equipment.

The inspection center can carry out the following inspections and tests according to relevant domestic and international standards, such as MIL-PRF-3420H, MIL-PRF-22019G, JIS Z 1535, TL 8135-0002, GB/T 19532-2004, QB/T 1319-91, etc.:

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