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  • Water Based Antirust Fluid

Water Based Antirust Fluid

  • CVCI
  • China
  • 14 days after payment
  • 1500 tons per month
1. Water-based antirust fluid SF/D-162N is compounded with various antirust agents and additives with water as solvent. 2. ROHS, REACH, SGS

Product overview:

Water Based Antirust Fluid's appearance is light yellow uniform liquid. Water Based Antirust Fluid is used for rust prevention of ferrous metals such as steel and cast iron, aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper and copper alloy parts between processes or during transportation. Water Based Antirust Fluid can be diluted with water according to the requirements of the rust prevention period and prepared into different concentrations for use. Water Based Antirust Fluid is applicable to thhe igh-pressure spray process. 

1. Product description

S33 water-based antirust fluid uses water as solvent and is composed of a variety of antirust agents and additives. It performs antirust protection by forming a very thin transparent film on the metal surface.

This product is used for rust prevention in the process of assembly, transportation and storage of metal parts such as steel, cast iron, aluminum and its alloy, copper and its alloy. It can be diluted with water to different concentrations according to the requirements of rust prevention period. It is especially suitable for rust prevention of metals that are not allowed to be coated with oil. Storage rust prevention shall be used together with CVCI® VCI paper or VCI film, and the rust prevention period can be up to two years.

2. Product characteristics

  • It is suitable for rust prevention of carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper and copper alloy.

  • Water-soluble, non-flammable, no pollution to the environment, safe to use.

  • Excellent antirust performance, can replace antirust oil, antirust period up to two years.

  • A hydrophobic film is formed on the metal surface, which is very easy to remove and does not affect subsequent processing and assembly.

  •  Safe for paint, rubber and plastic materials.

  • The concentrated solution can reduce the transportation cost and can be diluted into different concentrations according to requirements.

  •  It is safe and environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of EU RoHS and REACH directives.

    3. Operating instructions

    3.1. Storage and shelf life

    This product should be stored in a cool, dry place, well ventilated and protected from direct sunlight. Pay attention to anti-freezing in winter. The shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture in unopened packaging at the recommended storage temperature (5-40oC).

    3.2. Personal protective equipment

    Use nitrile rubber gloves and anti-splash goggles when handling. This product should be used in a ventilated environment. If ventilation is insufficient during use, wear suitable breathing equipment.

    3.3. How to use

    S33 can be used by soaking, brushing, etc. The application temperature is 20 ~ 60oC.

    Surface preparation of parts: All parts shall be cleaned before application, such as metal debris, floating dust, rust spots and moisture, so as to achieve the best antirust effect.

    Regularly check the concentration, pH, and sump level.

    Do not pack until the protective film is completely dry.

    To minimize the risk of corrosion due to increased water hardness and corrosive inorganic salts, deionized water must be used for dilution and preparation.


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