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VCI Masterbatch For Blowing Regular VCI Films, But Also For VCI Stretch Film, VCI Spunbond, &Injection Molding VCI Tray


VCI Master Batch

To Blow Rustproof Packaging VCI Film, Other Suppliers' Dosage: 5-7%

CVCI Masterbatch: ONLY 2% Dosage, & It Complies to REACH, ROHS, TL 8135 & TRGS 615 Rules, 

Volkswagen Certificates & Volkswagen Approval Process for VCI Materials Evaluation Status

& SGS Safety Data Sheet in acoordance with European Commision Regulation EC 1907/2006,1272/2008,&2015/830...etc.

VCI Resin

Other Supplier Still Needs Trial Production & Rounds of Testing, In Weeks To Months     

CVCI Masterbatch Has Been ALREADY Tested/Verified/Endorsed by WORLD TOP PACKAGING GROUPS Such As Antalis Italia & Nefab Group, & It Helps Them To Lower Cost & Make Higher Profit.

Anti-Rust Master Batch

Furthermore, The Function of Other Suppliers' VCI Masterbatch Is Too Limited

As To CVCI Masterbatch, Not Only For Blowing Regular VCI Films, But Also For VCI Stretch Film, VCI Bubble Bag, VCI Spunbond, & Injection Molding VCI Tray...etc.

TESLA Rustproof VCI Trays and VCI Curshion Are Made of Our VCI Masterbatch

VCI Master Batch

DM-130N VCI Masterbatch, Suitable for Both Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metals Corrosion Protection

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor additives are based on chemicals with migration ability and vapor pressure to release the active anticorrosion molecules from the film and out in the environmental air to protect the metal packed from corrosion.   

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VCI Resin

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