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Local Lab Test, Germany TL-8135, 130N Masterbatch Passed!


On Aug.31, 2023, The Corrosion Protective VCI Film, Which is Made of 130N VCI Masterbatch, Has Been Tested & In Germany BFSV Labs. And The Result of TL-8135 Is "Good Corrosion Protection Effect!"

VCI Masterbatch

VCI Resin

It passes the most rigorous test methods for evaluation of corrosion protection such as VIA Test for Vapor Inhibiting Ability. 

Huge Costs of Time & Money Can Be Saved! Since no need to test it locally.

It Has Been

Endorsed by WORLD TOP PACKAGING GROUPS Such As Antalis Italia & Nefab Group                                Tested - by Volkswagen & CNAS Labs

Verified by ArcelorMittal, POSCO, NASA & Baosteel...

Now 130N VCI Masterbatch has become the best seller of CVCI.

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VCI Master Batch